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A Los Angeles Private Investigation is the key to getting the results you need!

Not only can we get you the results you need, we can put your mind at ease. Are you wondering if your business partners are meeting with competitors? Are your your sales representatives where they say they are? Are they selling your product as directed? Are your employees off loading extra items out of the truck or rear of the whare house? We have an aggressive surveillance style. We get in and get what you need on video! If it didn't get documented on video, did it happen? We have been in the industry since 1999 and we thrive on workers compensation and personal injury cases.

Our investigators well trained and they have the latest equipment. This allows them to shoot high quality video no matter the distance. Clean clear video for court is important. I've seen cases thrown out of court because the judge got a headache from the shaking video. I've also seen investigators get great video but they neglected to get a good ID shot. Without the ID shot they couldn't testify to the fact that it was the correct person and they too had their case thrown out. We've been doing this so long that it comes natural to our investigators. We get clean, clear, and steady video with ID shots! This is what separates us from the competition.

Los Angeles Private Investigations often times are complex in nature. We do what we can to make things as simple as possible. Once we take the case in we discuss the file in its entirety. Depending on some cases a back ground check on parties involved is a must. Other cases need background checks along with social media searches, and surveillance. That's the triple threat! This should reveal positive results or lend a positive direction for the investigation to go.

Often times cases need witnesses interviewed or located. We have a high percentage rate of locating witnesses. We often times can do it with minimal information but more information is always better. Once located we can make contact in person (or over the phone) and interview them.

We are your Los Angeles Private Investigation team. You won't regret it.

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